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Gain Self Confidence and Improve Self Esteem with a Mindfulness Coach!  

What is True Self Confidence?

Whether you want to be more successful, make bold changes in your life, start over after a major loss, change or boost your career, start or grow a business, be more outgoing, meet your life partner, speak in front of audiences, stand up for yourself, improve the way you communicate, or even redesign your life – Self Confidence is Key.

To build Self Confidence and improve Self Esteem is especially important after any kind of loss, such as for life after divorce, loss of relationship, or loss of a job.

What you may not know is that Self Confidence can be understood, learned, developed, improved, practiced, celebrated, and enjoyed.  Mindful Confidence Coaching helps you change your life in profound ways through enhanced self confidence and self esteem.

As a Personal Life Coach, Professional Coach, and Spiritual Life Coach, I help you discover and build self confidence through a custom coaching program, designed just for you, where you will learn and apply powerful tools for success.  Learn mindfulness practice, exercises and techniques to guide your journey to greater confidence, life balance, self expression and success in life.

 Gain Self Confidence and Change Your Life!

“Brook helped me to gain self confidence, which I needed to live my life in a happier and healthier way.  She helped me to realize my dream of starting my own business and I was able to create the life balance that I was craving…I’m a mom, wife and businesswoman!  Working with Brook is one of the best things that I could ever have done for myself.”……….Elissa Page

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Mindful Confidence Coaching Benefits:

* Commit to excellent self care to be your best self, capable of giving and sharing joy.

* Develop self confidence and inspiration to follow your heart

* Release yourself from the unconscious fears about disappointing others or not conforming to others expectations. 

* Discover a true sense of self worth and the confidence to live life on your own terms. 

* Communicate your needs, desires, opinions and feelings in ways that are effective. 

* Resolve to live by your own values and vision.

* Transform beliefs and face emotions that have kept you stuck or unhappy.

* Deepen your spiritual connection through practices that support your authentic being. 

Understanding Self Confidence and Self Esteem is Not Enough!  You must LIVE the principles. 

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“Brook has been an amazing supporter in transforming my methods of thinking and overall approach to life. Brook’s unconditional and non-judgmental techniques served to be immensely encouraging when I created self-doubt. She lent a gigantic hand in reducing internal insecurities and strengthened believing in my abilities to achieve success. I now carry a strong sense of who I am, what I have become and what I eagerly await in the future. Through an energetic process, Brook helped me recognize my career-oriented passions. She established a path, which ultimately lead to appreciating I am worthy of deserving more, as well as comprehending there is something bigger out there before me. I am grateful for the opportunity of coaching with Brook. She has made a powerful impact on my life and is a woman I will truly remember and adore for the remainder of my existence.”………………………………..Deanie Marin-Lucchesi, San Diego, CA

“I am confronting my own insecurities, fine tuning my life vision and taking concrete steps toward making it happen. Working with Brook has given me the courage to keep working toward my goals rather than giving up when it’s slow going. Her insight, expertise and encouragement are proving invaluable assets on my journey.”…….Doris B. Motte, Licensed Professional Counselor and Freelance Writer, Charlotte NC

“Working with Brook has been a powerful experience. She helped me clarify my goals, recognize my strengths and most importantly, see my purpose. I can use this awareness to base decisions that are in line with my authentic self. She also encouraged me to put a high importance on nurturing myself to have the energy to achieve my goals. Brook has a wonderful way of calling upon us to acknowledge what we already know; then, she encourages and shares insights to put that knowing into action. The coaching I received from Brook is a valuable asset that has made a great impact in my life. I highly recommend her to anyone wishing success in their life’s journey.”………Darlene Plummer

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