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If you are ready to release unwanted patterns and create a life you love, find out how Mindful Life Coaching will empower you to make these changes and more! 

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Benefits of Mindful Life Coaching:

  • Powerful insight and self awareness
  • Mindfulness practice for professional, spiritual & personal growth
  • Create a compelling life vision and live by your values
  • Identify, reduce, eliminate, shift negative thought patterns and emotional reactivity 
  • Release what no longer serve you
  • Learn new skills for successful living
  • Increase self motivation and inspiration
  • Improve self esteem and gain self confidence

Mindfulness practice and mindful living allow for greater connection to your authentic self in each moment, the ability to weather the storms of mental and emotional upset more easily, and the experience of peace of mind and gratitude for more moments of your life.  The power for important life change is in the present moment, not the past or future, but Now, when clear actions can create the results you want. Mindfulness practice is being more present and more fully aware of each moment. The benefits of being mindful are many, some of which are being able to see things more clearly, make better decisions, live with intention and commitment, and feel more at ease and content.   

Mindful Life Coaching is for Positive Change in All Areas of Life!

Professional – Personal – Relational – Mental – Emotional – Spiritual

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Brook’s questioning style encouraged me to dig deeper and free up and let go of old mental patterns and ways of thinking. Her relaxed sense of humor and straight forward approach helped me redirect my goals and find a deeper purpose in my life. Often, Brook’s support helped me encounter strength and capabilities that I didn’t even know I had. My husband continues to comment, “It’s the best investment that we’ve ever made.” I would recommend Brook to anyone who has the desire to grow and change. Her life coaching is for anyone who wants more time, energy, joy, and fun in their life, their relationships, and in their careers.“….M.L., San Diego, CA

“My coaching experience with Brook has been an incredible journey.  I was able to tap into my inner self and find my life purpose.  Brook guided me and my practice to learn how to be still, to listen and to let go.  When you start a practice and commit to it, your life will truly change and you will have the inner peace that we all search for in today’s busy world.  When you slow down long enough to open up your heart it is amazing what you can discover.  Brook has taught me to be true to myself, to know what is important and to live in the moment.    I cannot thank Brook enough for the time and commitment she gave to me and my coaching.  She is an amazing spiritual woman and I would recommend her to everyone I know (I practically have) who is open to spiritual growth and mindful living.”……………..Lynn Jones, Ojai, CA