Getting Started

Work with Brook Montagna, Life Coach – First Steps

To get started, it is important to determine if you are ready for coaching by
Scheduling Your Personalized Complimentary Coaching Consultation

Together, we will review your situation, your desires, and your challenges to determine if Mindful Life Coaching is right for you.  You will want to consider carefully if you are really ready for powerful personal growth and change.  Here are some questions to help you prepare:

  • Is there one or more areas of your life where you feel a sense of confusion or dissatisfaction?
  • Are you facing a life transition or new opportunity?
  • Would you be living differently if you had greater self-confidence?
  • Are you open to new ways of thinking and BEING in order to create life differently?
  • Do you feel that it’s time to get real about the life you really want to live?
  • Are you OPEN, HONEST, and COMMITTED to your personal and spiritual growth?

If you answered yes to these questions, then I encourage you to take the next step on your journey and Schedule Your Free Coaching Consultation.  Or call 760-533-8905. I look forward to the opportunity to serve you!