Divorce Coaching

Mindful Life Coaching for Going Through Divorce and Beyond

Divorce experiences are almost always extremely stressful.  There are so many important decisions to make: Decisions that have tremendous impact now, and for the future of you and your children.  With the intense emotions that often accompany going through divorce, it can be difficult to have clarity of mind and heart to make good decisions.  Mindful Divorce Coaching is support for handling the stress and making the best decisions you can as you are dealing with divorce, and beyond, to recreating your new life after divorce.  

“You have changed my life forever.  You have guided me through a journey that started in a terribly difficult and dark place of divorce, given me the tools to discover who I am.  You have given me tools to face whatever challenges my life journey brings me”………L.L.

Specifically, Mindful Divorce Coaching will help you:

  • Accept and adjust to the many changes when going through divorce and beyond
  • Achieve greater clarity for best decision making in line with your values
  • Communicate more effectively 
  • Learn the powerful life lessons of your relationship experience
  • Grieve well for the losses of divorce and let go with grace
  • Build self confidence and improve self esteem
  • Move beyond divorce to create an authentic and meaningful life

“I first sought out a life coach because I was entering into the divorce process and felt like my life was completely out of control.    My coaching experience was what got me through the process of what felt like the end of my life as I knew it.  I learned so much along the way and life skills that I can use and apply to any situation I may face in my future.   I was able to come to realizations that I would not have come to on my own and felt like I could always rely on my coach for support while still figuring things out and learning along the way.  This is an experience that I am truly grateful for and feel has made an enormous impact on my life. I still refer back to my coaching notes and still journal everyday.”……………A.L.

If you are in the process of divorce, or are now divorced, and would like to find out how Mindful Divorce Coaching can help,

Schedule a Complimentary Divorce Coaching Consultation.

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