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Mindful Life Coaching meets you right where you are on your life path and helps you take the steps toward wholeness and well-being.  

Ready for meaningful change in any area of your life?                               Personal — Professional — Relationship — Health — Spiritual Growth

  • Gain powerful insight and self awareness
  • Create a life vision and live by your values
  • Identify, reduce or eliminate limiting mental & emotional patterns
  • Let go of what no longer serves you
  • Learn new skills for successful life transitions
  • Increase motivation and inspiration
  • Improve self esteem & self confidence

Do you suffer from any of these frustrations?

  • Lack of focus, direction, or purpose
  • Ineffective thinking and actions
  • Un-inspired or un-motivated
  • Worried, overwhelmed, off-balance, ungrounded
  • Settling for less than your potential
  • Too emotionally reactive
  • Paralyzed by doubt or fear
  • Low self confidence and self esteem

You do not need to face these challenges alone – Get the help you need and transform your life!

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Mindful Life Coaching specifically addresses:

  • Create a clear direction for your life
  • Change the mental, emotional, and behavior patterns that limit your life
  • Create life balance for greater well-being and true inner-peace
  • Develop true self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Communicate effectively and compassionately for better relationships
  • Empower your life through present moment living
  • Enjoy a whole new way of living authentically and fulfilled

Brook helped me work toward my dreams and bring balance and purpose into my life. I truly love waking up to a more meaningful life!“… K.T., Entrepreneur
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Mindful Life Coaching is based in spiritual wisdom and the practice of mindfulness (present moment living).

The power to create life is Now, not in the past or the future.   Many find that living in the moment is ‘easier said than done’.   Also, many find it hard to let go of old belief systems that no longer serve them and therefore end up attracting situations that they would rather not experience.  Mindful Life Coaching addresses these and more:

Mindfulness – A Foundation for Success

  • Develop mindfulness practices, communication skills, and energetic attraction practices
  • Learn to calm the ego fears, doubts and worries to live more fully in the Presence
  • See problems more clearly and find peaceful resolutions
  • Strengthen faith and trust in yourself and all of life
  • Self Confidence – Your Life Purpose
  • Know your unique gifts and strengths
  • Connect with what inspires you
  • Develop the courage to live boldly and on purpose
  • Live in the moment for greater clarity, aliveness, and passion.

Powerful Life Transitions

  • Make the most out of a life transition (career, health, relationship, spiritual)
  • Learn the lessons so that you can move on and not have to repeat the same situation over and over
  • Face each challenge as a spiritual growth opportunity
  • Open to greater possibilities for your life

Mindful Life Coaching offers guidance, instruction, and coaching for your unique situations, challenges, and personality.  Each client is encouraged to grow and become one’s best self.

About a year ago, I began an inner spiritual journey to try to fill that “emptiness” we all feel at times in our lives. I had learned enough to know that it was ME, (not another person or thing) that was going to make me happy, but I was stuck there. I was led to Brook though divine appointment, of that, I am sure. Her beautiful facilitation and guidance has given me such a depth of support for this “inner work”. She not only leads me into wonderful discussion of my inner self, she also gives great techniques for continuing this work when I go home. It is very hard to put into mere words the gratitude I feel for the gifts she has given me. Brook makes this “work” fun and I’ve lost my fear of the unknown parts of myself, I now look at it as a continuing, exciting, adventure of discovery so that I can be the best ME out in the world.”…..V.J., Teacher, CA

Brook’s questioning style encouraged me to dig deeper and free up and let go of old mental patterns and ways of thinking. Her relaxed sense of humor and straight forward approach helped me redirect my goals and find a deeper purpose in my life. Often, Brook’s support helped me encounter strength and capabilities that I didn’t even know I had. My husband continues to comment, “It’s the best investment that we’ve ever made.” I would recommend Brook to anyone who has the desire to grow and change. Her life coaching is for anyone who wants more time, energy, joy, and fun in their life, their relationships, and in their careers.“….M.L., San Diego, CA

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