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Brook Montagna, Certified Mindful Coach, Certified Mediator, LMFT

Mindful Life Coaching is a unique coaching approach that brings the best from Coaching, Psychology, Eastern & Western Philosophies, along with Meditation & Mindfulness practices in order to facilitate professional, personal and spiritual growth.  

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Life Transitions Coaching

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Mindful Life Coaching meets you right where you are on your life path, and helps you take mindful steps toward wholeness and well-being.

Coaching Sessions are held via Phone or In Person in Santa Rosa, CA

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About a year ago, I began an inner spiritual journey to try to fill that “emptiness” we all feel at times in our lives. I had learned enough to know that it was ME, (not another person or thing) that was going to make me happy, but I was stuck there. I was led to Brook though divine appointment, of that, I am sure. Her beautiful facilitation and guidance has given me such a depth of support for this “inner work”. She not only leads me into wonderful discussion of my inner self, she also gives great techniques for continuing this work when I go home. It is very hard to put into mere words the gratitude I feel for the gifts she has given me. Brook makes this “work” fun and I’ve lost my fear of the unknown parts of myself, I now look at it as a continuing, exciting, adventure of discovery so that I can be the best ME out in the world.”…..V.J., Teacher, CA


Integrative Divorce Mediation

IM is a progressive, cost effective process for couples to divorce respectfully & collaboratively, leading to better outcomes, current and future, for all involved.  Integrative Mediation is co-mediation with a Coach-Mediator and an Attorney-Mediator so that it addresses the important emotional challenges and needs along with the practical and legal matters of divorce.  

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Integrative Mediation Sessions are held in Sonoma County, CA